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Charts and Appendices - Ten Thousand Commandments


Figure 1: Annual Cost of Federal Regulation 
Figure 2: Off-Budget Estimate Regulatory Compliance Costs Compared with Federal Spending 
Figure 3: Regulatory Costs Compared with Individual Income Taxes, Corporate Income Taxes, and Corporate Pretax Profits
Figure 4: U.S. Regulatory Costs Compared with Mexico's and Canada's Gross Domestic Product 
Figure 5: Household Budget Consumed by Regulatory "Hidden Tax"  
Figure 6: Agency Enforcement Budgets 
Figure 7: Number of Federal Register Pages 
Figure 8: Federal Register Pages Devoted to Final Rules  
Figure 9: New Federal Register Pages Per Decade 
Figure 10: Number of Rules Published in the Federal Register (Proposed and Final) 
Figure 11: Cumulative Final Rules Published in the Federal Register 
Figure 12: Code of Federal Regulations, Total Pages 
Figure 13: Total Agency Rules in the Unified Agenda Pipeline 
Figure 14: "Economically Significant" Rules in the Agenda Pipeline 
Figure 15: Number of Completed "Economically Significant" Rules in the Unified Agenda 
Figure 16: Rules Affecting Small Business
Figure 17: Rules Affecting State and Local Governments
Figure 18: Number of EPA Rules in the Unified Agenda and Federal Register
Figure 19: Number of FCC Rules in the Unified Agenda and Federal Register
Figure 20: The Unconstitutionality Index: Rules as Multiples of Public Laws Enacted

Table 1:  The Regulatory State - Overview
Table 2: Per-Employee Regulatory Costs Higher for Small Firms
Table 3:  Unified Agenda Entries by Department and Agency
Table 4: Top Rule-Producing Departments and Agencies 
Table 5: Rules in the Pipeline Expected to have $100 Million Economic Impact
Table 6: Unified Agenda Entries Affecting Small Business by Department, Agency and Commission, Year-End
Table 7: Government Accountability Office Reports on Major Rules
Table 8: Possible Breakdown of "Economically Significant" Rules 


Part F: Listing of "Economically Significant" Rules, Current Year


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